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Plastic Column Guard
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For GLOBAL Plastic Column Guard,which have many advantage as followos:

1.Fast & easy to assemble or replace advantadges,no additional fixing tools required;

2.Post column guard: Each small piece 100mm high, GLOBAL sold as 1 kit of 4 pcs,total height is 400MM for each kit(2 yellow & 2 black @H100 each smaller pcs); (Photo 1)

Structural Steel Column Guard:Each small piece 300mm high,GLOBAL sold as 1 kit of 2 half pcs,total height is 300MM for each kit(Yellow with black belt);(Photo 2)

3.Our Post column guard's design are able to match with most of your Omega upright profile;

4.Package Size,package qtys and prices we can offer you under request.

Any interests, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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