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Wire decking is ubiquitous with selective pallet rack, Longspan shelving and other racking and shelving systems–it’s perhaps the most broadly-specified storage products' accessory. People use it to when they want pallet support with greater structural strength than other materials, when they want to load boxes or other non-palletized load onto racks, when they want to handle loads that aren’t deep enough to sit on beams, and when they want to eliminate dust and debris inherent with solid decking materials.

Choose from a variety of stock & quick ship sizes, or let us design and build a custom decking to your individual specifications.

Characteristic & Advantages for GLOBAL wire decking

· Comprehensive range of sizes & Super good prices
· Helpful advice on the design
· Reliable lead time
· Customized sizes and finishes for special application
· After-welded galvanized finish for rust free life
· Self-cleaning/maintenance free
· Easy to install, simply drops into place over the beams of your rack system
· Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
· No sharp Edges to scratch beam, people or products
· Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility

Surface Treatment
GLOBAL can supply you 3 options for wire decking surface treatment
Option 1: Bright Zinc Plated-The most popular type
Option 2: Powder Coated
Option 3: Hot Dipped Galvanized

GLOBAL recommends you to choose the most economic option which is Bright Zinc Plated type, with most competitive price, supreme great finish effect.

If you have a special requirement for an alternative surface treatment we are happy to advise on the possibilities that satisfy your needs.

Available Supports/Channels Inverted channel/support, U channel/support, F channel/support, Waterfall channel

Wire Decking Dimension's Calculator

How to choose the correct dimension? Please follow with below formula:

Racking Dimension W*D

Wire Decking Depth=Frame Depth+10 (mm)

For Example:

A bay of racking at beams' length is 2700mm and the frame depth is 1050mm

Wire Decking Depth=1050+10=1060mm

Consider for 2700MM length of beams we will put 2 smaller pcs of wire decking per level

Wire decks dimension should be:W1330*D1060mm

Beams' Internal Length

Wire Decking Width=Qtys of wire decking per level-20(mm)

Wire Decking Width= 2700/2-20 =1330(mm)


Consider for 2700MM length of beams we will put 2 smaller pcs of wire decking per level.

Wire decks dimension should be:W1330*D1060mm

Wire Decking Project Photos:

Special Wire Decking Design

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