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Rack for Automotive Fittings
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GLOBAL have developed series of racks which have been specifically designed for the storage of automotive parts. These racks have been used in part distribution for major brands such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Fiat and Toyota. In addition to this they have also been used at the repair centres for these respected companies and also the independent repair centres.



The range of products extends from simple tyre racks to larger applications for vehicle body parts. The range of racking is also complimented with a selection of ancillary items such as plastic boxes for small component storage and identification labels.

According to the different needs of our customers this product can be tailored to an individual requirement and based upon the customer drawings. Alternatively we can recommend a list of standard stock parts that can be stored then sold in smaller quantities but with the flexibility to cater for most of the needs of an automotive part supplier.


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