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Mezzanine Racking is a phrase that most people recognise as meaning a suspended or supported floor erected within a building having not been part of the original structure. Mezzanine floors are an essential element of most warehouses these days, offering additional work or storage space without adding to the building footprint -something for nothing almost!

Warehouses, distribution centres, cold stores, manufacturing plants, airports, retail and commercial units are all locations where Mezzanine's structures ensure better use of space and so help clients to save money and increase profitability.

Mezzanine Racking is suitable for - offices, storage, production areas and showrooms.

GLOBAL Mezzanine Racking is suitable for a variety of applications:

Warehouses,distribution centres,cold stores, manufacturing plants,airports,retail and commercial units are all locations where Mezzanine’s structure ensure better use of space and so help clients to save money and increase profitability.

Flooring Options

In additional to wooden floorings which we encourage you to purchase locally,at GLOBAL we manufacture a wide range of different metal flooring types to suit special applications. We often find that due to local fire regulations a perforated metal flooring is required. This can be achieved using our perforated steel sheet planks, our non slip
flooring, checker plate flooring or even heavy duty bar grating flooring,we even can design new types under your special requirement.

All our flooring coverings compliment with our mezzanine racking and steel platform systems, they are all proven to stand the test of time.

As you would expect from a responsible manufacturer of mezzanine floors and steel structures,GLOBAL alsomanufacture a range of accessories which help to create a mezzanine system as opposed to just a floor. Our accessories can be as simple as a balustrade, to sophisticated gate systems to allow safe and easy loading and unloading. Staircase systems can be designed with your constraints in mind and planned using your local fire regulations.

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