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DEXION Compatible Pallet Racking
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All GLOBAL DEXION Compatible Racking products are produced in line with the requirements of FEM 10.2.02 and we are proud to have achieved the required standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001 ascend to year 1998, GLOBAL gladly announce that our DEXION Compatible Racking had been approved to meet with Australia AS4084-2012 standards and we have the formal certification.


GLOBAL Dexion Compatible Pallet Racking includes:
  • Compatible with Australian AS4084-2012 standards
  • Fully compatible with original DEXION* SPEEDLOCK* MK3 pallet racking
  • Can be used for repairs and extensions to DEXION* SPEEDLOCK* MK3 pallet racking
  • Available as individual components or as complete systems
  • Components are produced under ISO9001-2000 quality standards
  • Widest range of sizes available from stock
  • 76.2mm (3") Pitch for uprights,80*60,90*70 and 100*95 upright sections with different steel thickness available
  • 50mm Height box beam is made from 2 Pieces of "C" Section interlocked for added strength and rigidity
  • Only Quality Certified Steel
  • Available in variety of colors,blue,orange,green,grey,yellow,etc
  • Powder Coated,Pre-Galvanised frames are optional






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