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Through each single day and around the whole world, GLOBAL teams are working to create solutions that go beyond customer expectations as always. Our comprehensive experience extends across a breadth of industry sectors. By working collaboratively, we're able to understand your needs and provide solutions that increase efficiency and deliver a return on investment. Wherever, whenever, whatever, our in-house technicians will make a suitable solution design backed by a full complement with engineering disciplines, three-dimensional computer design and Auto Cad resources, we have to make sure its suit for your industry : 

1.Mezzanine with Carton Live Storage

2.Double Deep Pallet Racking
3.Seismic Pallet Racking
4.Seismic Drive in Racking
5.Steel Platform
When it comes to 3rd party logistics, designs need to be flexible to cover a wide range of industries, capital investments must be recovered within the initial contract period, and sites are often multi-user.Those in the cold storage industry know there are significant costs in providing a storage facility that requires ongoing temperature control. It means there are very strong commercial pressures for maximizing the storage density and utilization given the high cost per sq meter for build and subsequent on-going temp control. GLOBAL has provided state-of-the-art cold storage solutions for customers that have maximized storage density and allowed product to be moved through the warehouse in the most efficient way possible.
Businesses in the retail industry are characterized by a high number of Stock Keeping Unit 's with short product cycles, frequent small order quantities to a dispersed customer base, high seasonality with product and high diversity with product characteristics.
GLOBAL Storage in terms of plans, layouts and numerous, imperative details’ rechecking with our customers to ensure the absolutely correct installation of the project we had made. All this took place whilst ongoing refurbishment was in progress. GLOBAL’s attentive policy paid positive dividends in terms of totally successful completion without a hitch and within budget and time frame.


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