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1.Real Availbility
GLOBAL’s products are mainly including Shuttle/Drive in/Selective/VNA/Double Deep Pallet Racking, Long span Shelving, rolled post shelving/RUT shelving, rivet shelving, cantilever racking, mezzanine and steel platform,Wire Decking etc. which are widely used in warehouse storage and material handling industry and logistics etc. All Products are made in GLOBAL's 100% owned Nanjing Factory, we are welcomed all of new and regular of our clients come to visit us.
2.Product Knowledge
GLOBAL wish to support our customers around the world to win business and as such we have considered facility design which will add new efficiency, safety and savings. Our transparent CAD design drawings will show you exactly what you are getting. Our design takes into consideration:
*Type of Products Stored
*Floor and Vertical Space
*Handling Equipment Required
*Safety – People & Products
*Budget-Within your desired budget

We have worked throughout the industry with many partners for the last 20 years, GLOBAL has unmatched process, design and feasibility expertise. Our flexibility to offer you the best product by material and design often differentiates us from the competition. We give you flexible options with costs and benefits for those options so that you can make the best decision for your application.

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