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GLOBAL are one of the Chinese leading suppliers of warehouse equipment.Our new factory covers 50,000 square meters of production space, we have the ability to manufacture a vast array of heavy duty, medium duty and light duty racks. In addition to rack, we also produce many ancillary items that are required today in the modern warehouse.Products such as steel lockers & cabinets, wire mesh decking, wire containers and roll cages,stacker racks, steel/alu pallet can all be produced from our own factory.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and in 2006 our manufacturing facility in Nanjing was awarded ISO14001 Environment ManagementSystem.Designed in accordance with the requirements of FEM10.2.02 and GLOBAL's products had been test to AS4084-2012 Aussie new Standards.We also have tested our Teardrop Pallet racking to USA RMI standard.

Besides, due to the high demand on plastic storage products GLOBAL have opened a serials of injection moulds in the past 10 years which we produce the plastic stuffs from our sister factory. Our extended plastic range covers all kinds of plastic boxes and bins, stackable containers, collapsible & attached lids containers, tool boxes, plastic lockers and benches, plastic pallets, noiseless hand trucks, plastic column guard &protection products, pallet containers etc.

Whether it is the first time you have thought of sourcing a product from China or you are a seasoned professional, we will take care of you all the way through the process. Our productshave been exported to the USA, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East since 1998, so we have a good understanding of you requirements. Our unrivalled service levels have seen that GLOBAL become the preferred supplier for many International buyers. Even if you cannot findthe kind of product that matches your requirements from our website, then please contact us. We are only too happy to offer OEM for any product range you may specifically need.

We hope to bring you a whole host of benefits. We appreciate that one of the main reasons why people look to source their racking from China is to reduce cost. We always aim to competition but with quality and service that are unique.We hope to support our customers around the world to win business and we have introduced our new service which is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the component parts on your project. We use the latest market Leading software from SolidWorks and produce an analysis of the racking in your proposal. This analysis will show how the rack will react under loads, from impact and also from seismicactivity. Our aim therefore, is to bring you the benefits of buying from a Chinese manufacturer at excellent prices with the backup service and support to assist you stand out from the crowd.

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