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Celebrate GLOBAL have relocated to New Plant at the beginning of year 2017

Date:2017-1-6 11:28:31  Browse:3373

GLOBAL is delighted to share with you a good news that we have moved to a new plant which covers more than 25,000 Square Meters.

The relocated plant fits our strategy to expand our scale due to the high demand on our products. In this new plant, we equipped with full range of new rolling forming machines for both uprights and beams, we also set up the most advanced powder coating lines to ensure the superior quality standard on our products. Meanwhile, we have purchased new automatic welding machines for wire decking to increase our capacity.

After the relocated, the standard lead time will be shorten greatly. We only need around 7-10 days for 1*40’ GP container of wire decking, only around 15-20 days for standard material of racking and shelving system.

Building tomorrow starts yesterday. Therefore at the beginning of 2017,we hope that we could building our future through trust and confidence with you by this great opportunity. Whatever your requirements are, please open to talk with us and we aim to be the best in everything we do.

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