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Since our establishment in 1993 we have had one single mission and that is to be the best in everything we do.Our reputation has grown around the World as we appreciate service matters.We are devoted to providing a painless experience from initial contact to final delivery and we employ professionals in their fields to ensure this happens.Probably your first contact would be with our International office based in the developed city of Shanghai.All our staff in Shanghai have a full understanding of International Trade and as such they quickly understand your needs.Our main factory location is in the Industrial city of Nanjing where we occupy close to 55,000 square metres of manufacturing facilities. In our main factory we specialize in rolling, punching, welding and powder coating.
Major Production Lines:

16 Automated punching and rolling lines for racking upright production;

8 Automated rolling lines for producing racking beams;

6 Pre treatment and powder coating lines;

3 Robotic welding stations.

In addition to our main racking factory we have completed the building of our new purpose built wire mesh decking factory in year 2012 where we have invested in the latest semi-automated mesh making machines to improve our capacity at the same time as maintaining our quality.After that, we also invested lots of racking rolling forming machine and 2 Robotic welding stations, Punch Machines etc. Till today, GLOBAL's new developed factory are producing most of the products we supplied to International Market,such as Dexion Compatible Pallet Racking; 50MM Pitch Pallet Racking;Cantilever Racks;Longspan Shelving;Industrial Racks;RUT Shelving; Rivet Shelving; Bike Paking Racks; All Wire Mesh Decking & Wire Containers Priducts; Racking Accessories such as Pallet Support Bars,Beams connectors, Row Spacers,Base plates,Post Protectors and Column Guard.

All our racking is tested to the standards of FEM and we have send our products tested to the AS4084-2012 standard from MTS Australia,we are the only chinese manufacturer who had done the direct test and have the formal certification. We also tested our TEARDROP Pallet racking to USA RMI standards. All our steel is purchased and certified from one of China's largest steel producers. In addition to this as part of our ISO9001 standards all batches of material is tested prior to manufacture in our in house test centre. We truly believe that it is these little details that make the difference in the long term.

As part of our development and the trust that we had gained from our customers GLOBAL has developed several new products along the way to complement the core part of our offer in pallet racking. These additions include a range of lighter shelving systems and also plastic boxes that fit nicely into our longspan range as well as a whole new range of plastic totes used in today's modern warehouse. As an environmentally aware business our commitment to Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) has seen significant investment in new machinery and tools with a large range of plastic totes and boxes now available.You will also able to source the Plastic column Guard from GLOBAL, its all designed by ourself. We can be your one shop stop for your storage needs from a full rack supported project to load notices and plastic bins whatever your requirements we aim to be the best in everything we do.


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